I entered into the hypnotherapy/personal development plan with Ruth in the hope that I would at least see light at the end of the tunnel.  I have now done so much better than ever I could have anticipated.  My self esteem was at a low ebb, I was having thoughts about changing my job, but couldn’t quite take that step.  I was unhappy with pretty much all aspects of my life.  Not so bad that I couldn’t function in any of it, but just not satisfied.  Ruth helped me set up a plan/goal that I could realistically work towards.  When  we found there  areas that I couldn’t move around at all we would do a hypnotherapy session.  I was amazed at how much my childhood had played a big part in the decisions I was making every day.  I have now found different ways to deal with things and I feel so much happier and healthier for it.  I did lots of soul searching and forgiveness, but the biggest revelation for me was leaning that  taking responsibility for my actions made me feel empowered and invigorated, not burdened.  I go forward each day learning something new about myself, and at my age I didn’t think that could happen.



F.N Sussex

'As a performer, the work/life balance has often presented some challenges throughout my career.  Taking time to work through specific goals and aspirations through hypno-coaching, has provided a much needed space to reassess and refocus. 

In an immediate sense I've left sessions feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to get back in the game and move forward in this often unstable industry of acting.  In the longer term I can feel my confidence growing and am building a belief that this is absolutely my life to shape in whichever way I choose and it is all possible.

An invaluable life lesson that I shall be eternally grateful to Ruth, for helping to bring to the surface'

A J L  Actor - London


AJL Actor London

"Before visiting Ruth I had no prior experience of hypnotherapy and was dubious of the affect it would have upon me. However this sense of
doubt was completely eradicated the moment Ruth welcomed me into her practice rooms. Her calming presence and kind nature was eminent throughout the
duration of my session with her, allowing me to feel completely relaxed and open - enabling me to confront issues at their base root.

The effect Ruth and the treatment has had upon me is truly incredible and has allowed my brain to reassess the stress, anxieties and worries I had been dealing with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ruth, I truly feel that she has
benefited my everyday life and I am so incredibly grateful to her for this."


London. Actor

I didn't really know what to expect.  Speaking to Ruth on the phone put me instantly at ease.  

After the first session I felt amazing, I started doing things I had been putting off simply out of fear.  I  now confront my issues and as result I have things in my life I thought were beyond my expectations.  I am much kinder to myself and I notice more about how I live my life.  

I would say it was life changing'


Performer. Sussex

"Ruth helped me feel calm, safe and in control throughout the whole process. I noticed massive positive differences after my first session. These changes then continued and enhanced with every visit. I now feel confident that I have a tool that can help me with any issues I may face in the future, big or small." SC, South East London. Actress


South East London. Actess

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I came to see Ruth for pain control which was stopping me from working.  In just one session I had relief from pain which has not returned.  Ruth gave me some exercises to continue should my pain come back, but to date, all is well

I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth .  She has a calm, gentle reassuring manner.   



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