Personal Development/Hypno-coaching

Personal Develoment or Hypno-coaching is a slightly different approach to hypnotherapy on its own.  

With Hypno-coaching we work together on your longer term plan to implement changes you have been finding difficult.

This could be

  • Changing career - getting to know what you really want from your job.

  • Staying resilient in an industry where you can find yourself between jobs

  • Figuring out how to utilise your time now you are not working  

  • Stuck in a rut

There are many ways you may wish to change something in your life, but just need someone to help you along the way.  Someone you can trust, who is not emotionally involved in your decision making.

Together we would find out what it is you would like to do, establish a plan that suits you, but the extra thing you get with hypno-coaching that perhaps you would not get with coaching alone is how to shift those self limiting beliefs.  Patterns you repeat over and over that stop you getting the results you need.

We work over a period of time and I will support you with session work in person and if you need it email and phone support.

I choose carefully the people I work with.  There has to be committment on both sides, so I know you have to be willing and ready to move on with your life.

It's an exciting challenge to get where you want to be in your life and now you have the opportunity to do that.

Give me a call, or email in the first instance and let's discover how we can do that.

'As a performer, the work/life balance has often presented some challenges throughout my career.  Taking time to work through specific goals and aspirations through hypno-coaching, has provided a much needed space to reassess and refocus. 

In an immediate sense I've left sessions feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to get back in the game and move forward in this often unstable industry of acting.  In the longer term I can feel my confidence growing and am building a belief that this is absolutely my life to shape in whichever way I choose and it is all possible.

An invaluable life lesson that I shall be eternally grateful to Ruth, for helping to bring to the surface'

A J L  Actor - London